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Introducing Lightspeed Payments.  Powerful POS, Now with Payments

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      ✔️ Integrated Payments for Lightspeed Customers
      ✔️ 4g Backup & Wifi Connectivity for all ways available processing
      ✔️ Settle to any bank account so you don't need to change banks so you don't need to change banks
      ✔️ Automatic next day settlement
      ✔️ Supports Dynamic Surcharging
      ✔️Simple pricing with no hidden fees!

With highly competitive rates! Make the switch today.

      A better experience, for you and your customers

        ✔️ Integrated Payments for Lightspeed Customers

        ✔️ 4g Backup & Wifi Connectivity for all ways available processing
        ✔️ Settle to any bank account so you don't need to change banks
        ✔️ Automatic next day settlement
        ✔️ Supports Dynamic Surcharging

Easily accept payments online and in-store

✔️Simple pricing with no hidden fees. That’s right, none! We dislike fees as much as you do
✔️Fast and secure checkout experience. Built-in PCI compliance and fraud prevention
✔️Setup is instant and gettingsupport is simple. Whatever you need, we got you
✔️Manage your entire business andfinancials in one place
✔️Complete sales and get paid without ever leaving your POS