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Social Media Marketing in 3 easy steps

30.09.20 07:12 PM By David

Marketing your venue on social media is a 3-stage process that involves first understanding your venue and customers, understanding the dynamics of each platform, and constructing a social media strategy.


Think of social media as a performance at a theatre. In order for a show to be successful, you must have a great performance and you must advertise to sell tickets and fill the seats. When you understand this dynamic it’s easy to see why content AND connection is key to establishing a powerful social media strategy that attracts attention and creates raving fans.

Treat every post, blog, or online marketing activity as though you are sitting in a room with your customers, and consider if it will be: 


  • Can you produce stimulating content where you can create giveaways, challenges or freebies?
  • Do you keep your customers in the loop of your business activities, milestones (birthdays for example) and future plans?
  • How do you give back to your loyal customers?


  • Do you ask your customers questions to boost comments?
  • Do you share facts about your products, team and business?
  • Can crowd-sourcing posts be used to increase engagement?
  • Can you create call-to-action posts and if so, do your customers follow through with the action? 


  • Do you share exciting moments in your business?
  • Can you determine what type of posts your customers love (videos, pictures, GIF’s, quotes etc.)?
  • Are you happy to be transparent, authentic and honest in your posts?


Marketing your venue on social media follows the same principle for most products and services. Your social media strategy for your venue isn’t just about getting your name out there, its about creating a powerful enough story that people want to get behind and share with their communities.

Written by Josh Clifton author of 'The Hospitality Survival Guide'