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5 Steps for System Preparedness

30.11.20 12:49 PM By David

Our top 5 steps for making sure your systems are ready for summer

Summer brings forth our busy season and after the year everyone has had I'm sure everyone is looking forward to it.  We're here this busy season to continue to support you.  To start off with here is our 5 steps for preparedness for the silly season.

  1. Do you have sufficient consumables such as paper and printer ribbons?  To order more click here

  2. Do you have a plan in place if you were to lose power or have hardware damaged? In busy bar environments spills happen.  We've seen it over and over.  Having backup hardware like consumables could save the day. To order a backup printer click here

  3. If you are unsure of anything and would like a technician to come onsite and complete an audit we can book this in with you.  If you are interested in this option call us on (07) 3184 4164 and choose support

  4. Are you and/your staff trained up and ready to go? Support Clients can book a refresher training session here

  5. Make sure you and your staff know how to get access to emergency help when they need it most.

    We are here to support you 24/7/365
    Call us on (07) 3184 4164 or email [email protected]
    Download our support poster and post it publicly so staff have access to these numbers.  Click here to download the support poster!

Chewie, David and Jacob.