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    No matter which why of hospitality venue you are.  We have all the solution to fit your requirements.
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Helping you each step of the way

Whether you want to open a new hospitality/retail store or simply want to onboard technology into your business.  Our combined 40 years+ of hospitality, technology and industry contacts experienced team are here to assist you along the journey in the next phase of your business.

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What type of businesses call on Innovators Direct for the best solutions


From a hole in a wall espresso bar to a full table service dining cafe.  Innovators Direct has the right Point of Sale Solution for you along with all the appropriate add-ons that will help you drive more traffic into your store.  Check out some of our add-ons listed below.

Quick Service Restaurant (QSR)

Quick service restaurant requires not only a speedy team but a Point of Sale that will work just as fast as the customer ordering.   A smart Point of Sale will ensure you have the ability to produce the orders efficiently, monitor your stock levels and also your staffing cost.  Finish your day with an auto sent report on how your day went and make smart decisions. 


Understanding group and franchise operations enables us to deliver rounded solutions that work for the entire team from head office management to store level staff.

We work with our clients to understand their needs and implement a solution that fits.

Microbreweries and Distilleries

Selling both wholesale and in the bar as well?  No worries! 

Innovators Direct has the perfect solution that can handle both end of the business.  Utilising the Supply modules we can have your wholesale team working with your customers to order straight into your Supply module and then all it needs is pack, send and invoice!

Events/ Pop-ups?

The right Point of Sale solution would ensure you have the ability to service, scale up and scale down for each event you plan.  Our Ipad cloud based Point of Sale are so easy to ramp up and be in a festival within hours.  Have on the pulse analytics on your mobile as the sales starts to occur in different businesses and areas of your event.   

Event only for 2 days?  No problem.  Speak with one of our team members and let's get you a 2 days subscription.  Your data will still be there once we put your account back to Lite.  
Type of hospitality Venues
Type of hospitality Venues

Fine Dining Restaurant

Are you in the fine dining space?  Don't worry.  Our Point of Sale system not only handles every combination of workflow you need ensuring those courses and up-selling tools guide your staff to selling high value checks.   Your kitchen is also a very important aspect of the operation.  Team up with our team and work through the advance inventory add-ons and get that purchasing and recipe costing down to that pinch of salt. 

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